The Best Destinations for Wellness (Spa) Tourism

Individuals who frequent the spa unlike those that do not are fitter, feel happier, are healthier, exhibit a higher amount of alertness and agility, and have better cardiovascular health. Destination spas focus on the entire person by providing clients with programs addressing comprehensive life enhancement that entails going on hikes or participating in yoga, massages, or even stress management. Throughout the country there are specific destination spas that are constantly getting recognized and winning awards, for this reason they are considered to be some of the best and should be visited by those interested in these types of spas.

The first on the list is The Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge located in Utah. Visitors will get fit while enjoying the scenery of the Red Rock Canyons. The spas popularity is great, one reason they are so popular is because they have reasonable prices, possess top-quality programs that focus on fitness and weight-loss, and because of their spectacular views. The spa is even featured on the hit show "The Biggest Loser". Participants can work with dietitcians, counselors, and even life coaches in order to achieve their desired goals. They serve low-calorie meals to their guest and have classes that take place both indoors and out. The main attraction is that the guest can participate in hikes on a daily basis which allows them to burn calories and enjoy the scenery all at once. Once guests have worked out their bodies they can pamper them with treatments and massages or they can choose acupuncture or reflexology.

The second destination is the Birdwing Spa located in Litchfield, Minnesota. This spa is a great destination for couples that want to embark on this journey together. The spa is on 300 acres of land overlooking a beautiful lake and have suites designed to create romance for couples. The suites for the couples are located within a barn that has been renovated and it includes walk-out-decks and a two person Jacuzzi. Although this is a great destination for couples it is also great for individuals who want to experience the spa life alone. This spa allows visitors to improve their health, lose weight, or just get pampered. Some of the treatments provided by this spa include metabolism assessments, fitness programs that have been personalized for guest to take home with them, cooking demonstrations, kickboxing classes, yoga, and a large amount of spa services.

The Cal-a-Vie Spa of Vista, California was inspired by the Mediterranean. The spa is located on 200 acres of private land. This spa is a more exclusive spa as it only contains 32 guest villas. They have designed their programs to balance out the connection between fitness of the body, overall health, along with the mind-body-spirit. They have trails that guests can hike on and a golf course with 18 holes. There are meditation sessions that take place in a chapel that is over 400 years old. Guests may also participate in weight-training, workouts that take place within the water, or dance classes. The resort also provides more traditional spa treatments such as warm seashell foot treatments and oxygen facials.